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My name is Ho Sun Choi. This blog will account my journey of starting a new ophthalmology practice from scratch.  I just completed my ophthalmology residency on June 30, 2010 from Rush University in Chicago.  I am now on my own.  The path I chose is rather unconventional, and has been received with mixed reactions.  In previous generations, it was quite common for physicians to dive into solo practice immediately after residency. However, in this day and age, with rising overhead and diminishing reimbursements, the power of a practice lies in solidarity.  In addition, most physicians shy away from the daunting idea of opening a practice because they finish residency with nearly $200,000 in debt, no prior business experience, and years of working long hours at near minimum wage.  I’m no exception.  I just have the audacity, gumption, naiveté, and delusion to tackle this challenge despite the circumstances.  I’m motivated to learn, and accept the fact that I will make mistakes along the way.  Also, I’m not afraid to fail, and am prepared to face the consequences if I do.  Having made the decision to go solo, I cannot see myself doing anything else.

I’m absolutely far from the blogging type.  The main reasons I am starting this blog is to keep my bearings straight, and also to show other young physicans out there what it takes (or doesn’t take) to start a practice.  If I succeed, my posts will hopefully become a road map for others to follow.  If I fail, those that come after me will be able to learn from my mistakes.


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