DEA Number

One of the easiest steps to start a medical practice:  Once you have a permanent state license, you can apply for a federal DEA number online.  Here’s the link: DEA application

As a prescriber,  you need to use Form 224.  I applied for schedule II to V prescribing. You just need any permanent state license, a state controlled license number (if applicable), and $731.  The number will be good for 3 years. Your address will need to be the same as your state license.  The DEA website states:  “Your home address is acceptable IF it is the location of your professional practice.”  Technically, your new practice address IS the interim location of your professional practice.  You just don’t happen to see any patients currently.  I used my home address when I applied in 2010.    My DEA certificate arrived in the mail within 2 to 3 weeks.

4 thoughts on “DEA Number

  1. Your DEA goes with you, right? I’m leaving an academic job to start solo private practice in same state. I keep my NPI and DEA # right?

  2. Do you apply for a personal or business DEA number? I heard you need a Type 2 business NPI number as well

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