Ways To Find Part-Time Jobs

As a follow up to Howie’s post: Different Ways To Go Solo, I’ll tell you what I did in my futile attempt to find a part-time position to fulfill my Matsco loan requirement. A lot of you are probably already familiar with some of these options. I never knew how difficult it was to find a part-time job. The fact that I was looking in the Bay Area probably made it harder.

1. AAO Jobs Center

Probably the best source of ophthalmology jobs anywhere. Part-time positions are still quite difficult to come by even on this site. I found the position in the East Bay through here.

2. ASCRS Careers

3. Berkeley Optometry Jobs

OK. Pretty shady, but I tried to hijack optometrist positions because I couldn’t find much as an ophthalmologist. I especially aimed for ophthalmology practices looking for part-time optometrists. Most of the time, no one bothered to respond. When contacting these practices, I offered the option to work as an optometrist or a medical ophthalmologist. I landed my Marin County interview through here.

4. Cold-calling & E-mailing Practices

If you are an AAO member, e-mail and contact information for most ophthalmology practices are available through the AAO directory. I’ve tried suicide e-mailing some practices, but was met with the cold shoulder every single time. In retrospect, I should have inquired Kaiser Permanente for per diem positions, which worked out for a few of my colleagues. Also, I should have reached out to the local VA.

5. Locum Tenens Head Hunters

Phil Alabata, who recently joined our Solo Eye Docs Group commented on another post:

“I thought that locum positions for ophthalmology was rather scarce. On the contrary, there are numerous opportunities out there if you don’t mind traveling away from your family. I had a great experience with locumtenens.com. The company paid for my travel to the location, rental car and hotel stay. They even accepted my re-negotiation terms as my patient load, surgical load and call volume increased. You essentially have no expenses, other than food, but you can negotiate that as well. I continue to receive locum offers from Barton Associates, CompHealth, Staff Care, Weatherby and of course locumtenens.com.”

5. Connections

If you have friends, family, or mentors who know of someone looking for help, go for it.

One thing to consider, when looking for a part-time job, is to make sure that there is no non-compete clause on your contract. You don’t want your part-time job to restrict you from practicing or seeing patients in a certain location. If you’re in California, non-competes are not enforceable, but practices can still try and waste your time. Many times, because of this issue, it will probably be difficult for you to gain part-time employment near your practice location. You should probably expect work at a practice that is a good distance away.

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