Hijack Your Practice

Before I left for San Jose, I went into my residency clinic one weekend, and took notes on all the nooks and crannies of the Eye Center. Thankfully, I still had my Rush ID, and was able to sneak in during odd hours to get this information. Back in 2010, the internet was not as structured and organized as it is today. I just had to rely on my digital camera, pen, and notepad. Because I had no real private practice experience, I didn’t know exactly what was going to be important or not. So, I just gathered as much information as possible.

1. Photos

I took photos of the entire clinic so that I could refer back to all the nuances of its design and structure.

2. Floor Plan and Dimensions

I measured the dimensions for each room, and mapped out the floorplan of the clinic. Although my space requirements will be much smaller than a university eye clinic, I expect that I should be able to extrapolate my needs from this data.

3. Forms

I will need to create all forms from scratch. I took a copy of every unique clinical, administrative, and educational form I could find. I will either use these forms as is or modify them PRN.

4. Inventory

I made a list of all the equipment and supplies in the clinic. I wrote down the manufacturer and model of each unit. I also made a list for all medical supplies, surgical instruments, and other soft items. Any item with a brand name, I wrote down.

5. Clinic Notes

I pulled charts of patients with common diagnoses, and made notes on their clinical course. It was sort of my own personal Wills Eye Manual that I could reference when I’m out on my own. I also looked at the laser treatment logs to record the  settings for all laser procedures.

6. Refractive Results

Since I wasn’t good about recording refractive outcomes after cataract surgery, I had to go through all my patient charts one night to write them down.

6. Operative Reports & Surgical Videos

I printed operative reports for common procedures that I could reference in the future. I also downloaded all my surgical videos from the OR hard drive as well.

7. Phaco Settings

Oh my goodness, I wouldn’t know what I would do if I forgot to get these settings. I ended up writing them down because I didn’t know how to download them directly. After I had moved to San Jose, I asked the Chicago Alcon rep to mail my settings to me on a memory stick.

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