Shadow Your Mentors

Another thing I did, before leaving Chicago, was to shadow some of my attendings in their private practices. I wanted to see how they ran their personal clinics. Just spending an hour or two at each practice was enough for me to get a good feel. I also spoke with the practice managers and picked their brains. I also gathered a lot of their form templates as well.

Some questions I asked:

1. How the practice first started

2. The initial size of the office

3. The number and type of employees they hired in the beginning

4. The insurances they accepted

5. Marketing strategies used on patients and referral sources

6. The type of equipment purchased

7. Their startup costs, and sources of funding

8. Things they wish they had known in the beginning

9. Any other pearls that came to mind

It was amazing how supportive my mentors were. They were all eager to bestow upon me their wealth of knowledge. I was so grateful. The solo practitioners were the most enthusiastic, probably because they understood what I was going through.

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