Construction update for my medical office

Receptionist Area

Main Waiting Area


Exam Room

Front Door Sign (provided by landlord)

For my Facebook friends, you’ve already seen these pictures already, so it’s nothing new.  For all others, these are the pictures of my near complete office.  I took these pictures about 10 days ago.  Not much has changed since then.  We’re still waiting on the cabinet installation.  It sounds like construction will be complete within the next 7 days though.  It’s pretty cool to see something in your head come to life.  Up to this point, I have nothing but compliments for my general contractor.  They’ve been great.  We went through a couple of add-on costs, but nothing crazy.  Very professional and honest.  I’m so glad I chose these guys.  They were a bit more expensive to start, but they did a great job, and it was a pleasure working with them.

As of now, even though the office is almost complete, I still need to wait for my tenant occupancy permit, which the city will issue after the final inspection.  Once that’s done, I can move in, and start business!  I’m just dying to unload all the boxes in my apartment right now.  It’s gotten pretty ridiculous.  I think I have close to 3,000 lbs of stuff in my apartment.  Once again, I’m so glad I ended up renting a larger apartment than I had originally planned.  Otherwise, I would’ve had to deal with the hassle of renting storage space.

One thing I’m a bit bummed about is the electrical outlet for the visual acuity system, for which my vendor originally had instructed me to place four feet above the ground on the wall across from where the exam chair would go.  My exam room is 10 feet long, which is on the shorter side, and looking at it, the wall is way too close for placing the system directly in front.  I spoke with him again regarding this issue, and he told me this time that I should have originally placed this outlet on the wall BEHIND the exam chair!   Come on! Thanks to my vendor’s contradictory advice, I will have spent an extra $1,000 or so on wasted outlets.  Oh well, the room will still work. It just has an unnecessary outlet high up on the wall.  Nothing’s perfect. I’ll have to make do.

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  1. It was nice! But you can add some spice to your construction if you have consulted a construction contractor. He would have suggested you some ideas for the construction. Anyways, it was great reading your post. Keep sharing!

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