Moving into my solo medical practice office

I’ve been ridiculously busy since tenant improvements finished on Thursday.  I’m about 90% moved in with just a few more things left to assemble.  It’s been nonstop.  I’ve slept a total of 3 hours in the last 43 hours. Of this time, I spent nearly 18 hours assembling and mounting my 20 movie poster frames.  I just finished 2 hours ago, and it was brutal.  I’ve now become an expert at drilling hollow point anchors into drywall. Thank goodness I bought an electrical screwdriver.  My hands would have totally gone rheumatoid on me, and everything I’ve done so far would have been for nought.  Despite being sleep deprived, I’m actually wide awake.  I have a new found respect for adrenaline and freakout.

I’m doing everything I can to stay on schedule with my March 1 open date. However, sitting back and thinking about it, I might have no choice but to delay opening for another week or so.  The reason I’m so motivated to start on March 1 is because that’s when I first start paying rent and when my front desk person starts working for me.

(Howie’s note: although we didn’t realize it at the time, for the first three or four months after you open, you’ll be doing tasks that you think should’ve been done before opening. There’s nothing wrong with paying a front desk person to help you. In fact, you should think of your first three months as a soft opening, and focus more about running your practice well and planning for the future, rather than the number of patients you are or aren’t seeing.)

I just had all my Zeiss equipment installed today.  My slit lamp is getting delivered in 4 hours and my YAG tomorrow.  Also, my plasma TV gets mounted today! I can’t wait to mount my 1 inch thick bluray player next to it.  It’s going to look so cool.  I had my EMR and practice management software installed remotely last week.  Originally, I had wanted to write an entire post on my software install experience, but in light of my time crunch, I’ll sum it up in one or two sentences.  Both companies accessed my server and workstations from the East Coast, and installed it remotely.  I have about five 3-5 hour sessions of training scheduled as well in the next few weeks. I still need to interface all my equipment with my EMR also.

All in all, my office should be ready to operate by the end of this week.  The office is definitely taking shape.  It actually looks pretty freakin’ awesome.  In the back of my head, I had some doubts as to how everything would really look together, but it looks awesome.  I can’t help but crack a smile every time I step back to take it all in.  Pictures are below!

So, if the office will be ready to run by this weekend, what else do I have left to do might require me to put off opening date then?  I still have to go through EMR and practice management software training, set up meetings with drug reps, visit potential referral sources, look for volunteer or teaching opportunities, learn hospital policies (lab, micro, radiology, ER call etc.), learn how to run the diagnostic equipment (mainly the Cirrus), register with Google Adwords and update my info on consumer health sites, close the loan on my YAG (still waiting), research subspecialists and low vision centers, follow up with insurance credentialing (still waiting on Aetna and Healthnet, applied to this one late), and a few other small things.  I don’t think I’ll be able to take care of everything in 2 weeks.

Of course, I should have a good amount of time even after opening to take care of a bunch of these things, but I really really really want to have everything in place so that I could actually start to play 100% doctor again.  I’m hoping to squeeze in a patient or two in the next few weeks while I still get things set up.

I also have my boards on March 29.  At least I’ll be able to deduct my $1,650 registration fee as a business expense.

Oh, and most importantly, I need to make it to the AMC Best Picture Nominees marathon showcase at the end of this month.. =)

Main Waiting Area

Main Waiting Area (Another Angle)

Dilation Waiting Area

Plasma TV & Wall Mount Bluray Player


Hallway (From Other End)

Door (Just in case you might have thought it was something else =))

Exam Lane

Minor Procedure Room

Diagnostic Room

Office ($90 desk)

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