AAO 2020 conference, Las Vegas

It’s five months until the AAO annual meeting in Las Vegas. Given the coronavirus situation who knows whether or not it will be held in person vs virtually. We will be involved in two courses, both on Monday November 16. (Note: the two courses are on the virtual meeting platform)

The first course is “Starting your own solo ophthalmology practice: why and how.” It will be 11:30-12:30 at Cassanova 305. Howie and Ho Sun will be there. Matt Swanic, lasik surgeon at the Las Vegas Eye Institute, featured in photo above, will discuss how he recently bought LASIK equipment, and how he is still doing fine and having patients interested in cash pay elective surgery as a solo doc despite that Vegas was one of the economically hardest hit areas by the virus.

Matt says that if he stayed in a group, there’s no way they would’ve purchased his equipment. This is the exact opposite of those who think docs in solo practice can’t afford the best equipment. We will also get a retina/ oculoplastics doc on the panel, and be available to answer questions afterwards.

The second course is a repeat of last year’s well received “Personal Finance for Ophthalmologists: How to save $3 million on your own (or, do I really need a financial advisor?)”, from 2-3 PM also in Cassanova 305.

If the courses aren’t live, we hope they will be streamed. If this virus thing clears up, I highly recommend Tim Ho Wan for dim sum at the Palms hotel as well as Din Tai Fun for soup dumplings, scheduled to open up at the Aria. I was originally planning to run the half marathon on Sunday night just like last year, but I’m not optimistic that it will be held.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy, and if we don’t get to present the courses this year we are looking forward to AAO 2021!

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