Solo Eye Docs Group

There are two ways to get help to start a solo practice.

The first is the paywall protected parts of the blog. There is a donation required to SSF or ophthpac of $1200 to read this. All of this information behind the paywall should be sufficient to take you to the point where you join the google group.

The second way is Solo Eye Docs Group, which is a private e-mail discussion group where solo ophthalmologists share their experiences, ideas, tips, and tricks of solo practice. We also have a few group discount deals going, for members of the email group but not for those who are just subscribed to the blog.

We currently have 180 practicing ophthalmologists in the group. Membership is limited to ophthalmologists already in solo practice or in the process of opening doors. All current members need to approve your membership request (most people get approved).

To join the google group you will need to provide a copy via email to us of several of the following to prove you are at a no turning back point of starting a solo practice: a fully executed lease or purchase agreement, proof of bank loan, exam lane invoice, insurance credentialing or an active practice website.

Please do not request membership to the google group until you send this information to us. If you search the blog it has all the steps to get you up to this point. If it doesn’t, let us know and we will write a post about it.

For those of you just starting a solo practice there is a donation of $1200 to the Surgical scope fund or ophthpac to read the paywall protected parts of this blog.

Please write “solobuildingblogs” as the reason for ophthpac or SSF donation so we can verify your donation.

Then it is a minimum of $800 annually to maintain membership on the email group although many choose to donate more.

For those of you who are already in solo practice, it is required to make an minimum $1200 contribution to the Surgical Scope Fund or OphthPAC prior to requesting membership. Reach out to us at the “contact us” page.