Howie Chen, M.D.

 I practice comprehensive ophthalmology in Phoenix, Arizona.  Before starting my solo practice, I was told the safer thing to do was to join a big group.  I worked at a government job with the Indian Health Service, and then with a large multi specialty group.  In both of these situations I experienced frustrations with not having a voice in he way things were run- I was just a cog in the machine.  Although at first I was afraid to start my own practice because I had no business experience whatsoever, I quickly realized that it’s better to be your own boss and live with the rewards or consequences of your own decisions,  than someone else’s.  Despite what the press says about health care consolidation, going solo was the best decision I have made for my career- I actually look forward to going to work every day!  It is my hope that this blog will encourage more of you to do the same, and to provide practical real life experience to help you succeed.

Ho Sun Choi, M.D.

IMG_0854I am a board-certified comprehensive ophthalmologist in San Jose, California.  I started my own solo practice immediately after graduating residency from Rush University in 2010.  At the end of my residency, I struggled to find the ideal practice, in the most desirable location, that would be interested in hiring me.  I had difficulty compromising my professional wants and desires, and could not accept most job offers.  Because no one ended up giving me the opportunity, I decided to create my own opportunity.  Going into solo practice was the absolute best professional decision of my life.   There is nothing more liberating than being your own boss.  I can provide the best care for my patients without any external distractions and hindrances.  I hope that Solo Building Blogs will pave a smooth, straightforward path toward my fellow colleagues’ professional aspirations, thus  allowing them to experience the same satisfaction and joy that I have discovered for myself.  Good luck to everyone!