Howie’s comments: what Ho Sun says is absolutely true and some other docs on our google group have experienced the same. If you are buying a new unit from any company, INSIST that it is factory sealed, and have the sales person open it in your office, right in front of you!!! We have had multiple people return units that they purchased as new, only to find out that they are refurbished or worse yet floor models (the more a unit is transported from one show to another, the more likely it will break).

What I don’t understand is why such a large company would put its reputation on the line by pulling these antics. Is it worth a few thousand dollars? I would rather do business with a company that treats its customers in a straightforward and fair manner.

4 thoughts on “Zeiss-Hole

  1. Let me get this straight,you purchased a new instrument,and upon calling for a service visit,realized it had been previously sold ,used ,for how long you did not mention,developed a problem ,had a service call,then returned to the Zeiss ,who then turned around and sold it as a new unit,following which it broke down again,and upon calling for service ,you figured all this out…
    Dont they have a lawyers in Cal.,State Business Fraud Div in the Att Gen office,?I’m missing something here

    • Yup. Pretty much something like that. Clearly, I was still wet behind the ears back then, and was ignorant of the idea of reporting them to such state authorities. Zeiss eventually resolved everything for me after blasting them throughout social media, but I still disapprove of the fact that they gave me a runaround before giving in. Zeiss sucks.

      • Enjoy your blogs,am solo Oph ,since 1970,as was my Dad..The AAO /DC office,Carth Cohen , is doing her best to help solo/small(1-3) and older practitioners.,navigate all the regulatory minefields..
        Ralph Lanciano

  2. You can’t be too careful — they are in the business of selling stuff, and we are in the business of helping people, therefore we are suckers. And the moment your item is supposedly out of date, they try to make you feel like you’re practicing shady medicine because you’re not paying tens of thousands to buy their latest gear.

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