Postal goblin


Howie’s comment: after reading this post, for each and every residential or office move, I have always written a letter to the post office at both my old and new address every time I move. You can also tape a note for the postman in your box with your cell phone number on it indicating that you’re taken occupancy. You’d be surprised at how many ways USPS can screw up to lose your mail or deliver your insurance checks to the dentist down the hall. I checked my office mail every 10-12 days before I opened.

Also, you need a phone number in addition to an address for credentialing. I don’t recommend you use your personal cell phone as as most of the applications want a office number they can list in their provider directory. I just bought a T-Mobile SIM card and put it into a old phone. I didn’t set up voicemail on it, and used this number for my Medicare application. They actually phoned it to check, and when no one answered they had me send in a copy of my office lease! So be sure you have a working phone number and can receive mail for credentialing.

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