Phone system for a solo medical office


Howie’s addendum: I got a SBX IP system installed in my office with three phone lines and a fax line. There’s always the option to add on more later. The total cost was just under $2000. I got the name of my phone guy from another ophthalmologist in my area. I use our local Cox service for phone and internet. Be sure to charge your phone bill to the Chase Ink cash card for 5% back.

Some folks on our google group use Nextiva or Ring Central VoIP. While at the beginning some folks were having problems with connectivity and router issues, you could always forward calls to your cell phone if the lines are down. I took a survey and there didn’t seem to be a huge cost differential between what I am paying Cox vs Nextiva or Ring central with internet, so I never bothered switching. My monthly fees for four lines and internet are about $225 per month.

And if you’re wondering, most of us ophthalmologists don’t use an answering service. My office phone free has a emergency mailbox that rings my cell phone. To my horror, I found it sometimes didn’t work properly so I leave my google voice number on the recording as a alternative way of reaching me. When you phone back you can then use the doximity dialer app to mask your cell phone caller ID and actually make it look like you’re phoning back from your office number. Don’t forget to document all calls in the chart for medicolegal purposes!

Read our next post for more information about phone plans.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Based on what I had read on some psych blogs, I went with 8×8 as they agreed to sign a BAA for HIPAA compliance. I signed up for a phone line and an Internet fax line. I am not that far yet, but I believe I can set up a bunch of extensions….as far as business email goes, I went with Google because they offer BAA for HIPAA compliance under their business plans and I could use my website extension to set up a personalized email. I signed up for the $10/mo/line plan which includes a bunch of other stuff too, not all of which was HIPAA compliant….
    Thank you again for your wonderful blog.

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