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Reception chairs can have a wide price range. I’m not sure if there’s that much of a difference in quality, but custom chairs will go for signifcantly more than generic Office Depot chairs.

About 2 months back, I met with a furniture dealer that my architect had recommended me.  I was set on getting a particular design and color, but this person kept sending me styles that were way different what I had in mind.  When she finally sent me images of my ideal chair, she quoted me for $650 per chair after taxes and freight!

Obviously, I passed on the quote, and went shopping online.  I first went to the Office Depot website, and looked for the particular style I wanted: burgundy upholstery, wooden frames, and arm rests.  I found almost the exact same style that the dealer had shown me, but for $200!  Instead of just ordering it on Office Depot, I used the Google Shopping feature to compare prices on the same brand chair.  For common items, Google Shopping is great for finding low prices.  Of course you want to keep in mind the vendor’s reputation, and not just the bottom line.  Don’t forget to factor in possible tax and shipping.

I ended up getting this chair from for $150 each after using a 10% off coupon I found through Google.

With freight shipping and tax, each chair ended up costing about $185 per chair.  Had I gone with Office Depot, it would’ve cost $240 per chair after shipping and taxes. I originally ordered just 1 chair to see if the real deal looked the same as the picture.  A lot of times, online photos don’t do the product justice, and I didn’t want to have 12 chairs sitting in my living room only to find out that I needed to return them.  If you can find the chair you want locally, you could just visit the store to check it out as well.

I ended up getting a total of 12 chairs.  I’m going to put in 6 in the front waiting area, 4 in the dilating area, and 2 in the exam room for family members to sit.  Delivery took 2-3 weeks because the chairs had to be made by the manufacturer.  Assembly was pretty straightforward, and I was happy with the color and style.  Since my office isn’t ready yet, I currently have 11 boxes and 1 chair sitting in my dining room.  All in all, I have about 2,500 lbs of stuff sitting in my living room.  I didn’t know an autoclave was such a monster, weighing nearly 100 lbs.

Howie’s addendum: The number of chairs I purchased for reception and each room was similar to Ho Sun. Since I was a startup I didn’t have chairs in my dilating room, about two years ago I added them as my practice got busier.

I found some used office furniture stores in my town. Google it for your town. I bought most of my refurbished used office furniture there. My office chairs only cost me about $30 each. I also bought some other furniture there, like a break room table, reception area table, large wooden desk for my office (it’s beautiful but in retrospect I wish I had bought something more contemporary and lightweight) and a filing cabinet.

It cost me approximately $2200 in used furniture purchases to outfit my 1500 sq ft office. Note that this would only buy three chairs at the price that Ho Sun’s architect quoted above at $650 a pop. Five years later everything is still in good shape.

Other companies that folks have used for chairs and furniture include Overstock, Wayfair, and this link:

One important point, if you have a hard date that your office will be ready, you could simply order items and wait for them to be shipped directly to your office (rather than put them in storage or your house) so you don’t break your back and your wallet moving. Frequently when you buy from a shop they will hold and store it for you until your desired delivery date. If you’re ordering online, place the order a week before you get the keys to the office.

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