Office stationary for a medical office


Howie’s note: I used a local business to print my receipts (for cash, checks and credit cards which I reconcile at the end of every day to make sure there’s no funny business), recall postcards, and eyeglasses prescription pads.

I rarely use letterhead. You can scan your company logo into word to create documents with your letterhead on top so you won’t have to purchase letterhead.

Same for envelopes. I just bought a ink stamp from Vistaprint and we stamp the upper left hand corner of envelopes. Last year we switched to a cleaner option, to use our office printer to print the address in the upper left hand corner of the envelopes. This is done while I’m at the surgery center. The envelopes I ordered I never used.

I also ordered referral pads for referring docs, but have minimal use for them because most referrals in my area are faxed to me. Your specialty or area might differ. I think I spent a few hundred bucks on these forms but only got two or three back.

I have no financial relationship with them, but can recommend them as they specialize in medical offices especially optometrists and ophthalmologists:

You will also want to order CMS1500 forms to send out paper claims for insurers that won’t accept electronic claims (oftentimes secondary insurances need to be submitted with CMS1500 form paper claims, with the EOB from the primary insurance attached. You can buy them off Amazon.

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